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Our Beliefs


All students will have a positive elementary school experience while acquiring the skills to become life long learners.


At Spirit Lake Elementary School we are committed to making a difference by connecting with students. We will provide a safe environment where all students are valued. We will foster independent thinkers who take pride in their learning to achieve their highest potential.


  • Teachers, staff, administrators, parents, students, and community members share in the responsibility for providing a supportive learning environment within our school.
  •  All students will be provided with optimal learning opportunities that encourage life long learning.
  •  High expectation of student academic performance should guide curriculum, effective instructional strategies and assessment.
  •  Effective communication skills are essential for students to be successful in today’s society.
  •  Knowledge and application of current technology prepares students for tomorrow’s world.
  •  A healthy child is a better learner.
  • Students can develop positive character traits using self-control in making appropriate choices in order to become responsible citizens.
  • Students can develop a positive self-image through their accomplishments and successes at school and home.
  • The school will strengthen ties with families and the community through open and on going communication.